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Since starting the GBH newsletter I have really enjoyed sharing what has been happening, and what is coming up with all of our members and followers. However, I’ve made a conscious effort to keep the content succinct and to the point, with that in mind, I’ve decided to do a GB KIDS specific newsletter so that we give you the information that is relevant to you!

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I’ve loads to talk about this month so read on to hear about our recent promotions, upcoming seminar with world champion Vanessa English and our kids competition class!

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Kids getting promotions


We’ve had an amazing month in all our our children’s programmes, lots of our little JiuJiteiro’s have been rewarded with new stripes and belts for their hard work! It has been a particular pleasure to see those who persevered through the multiple lockdowns and attended our zoom sessions finally see the recognition they deserve! 👏

Jiu Jitsu is not like many martial arts where there are gradings and new belts regularly, there is a heavy focus on enjoying the process and internal fulfilment and so when they do come around, it marks a real achievement for our students.

In the coming weeks we will be producing some content to help educate our students and parents around the traditions of BJJ and how you can help your child get the most from their Jiu jitsu journey (off the mats).

Picture above is from our recent grading day, and we will also now be uploading promotion pictures to our instagram stories on a weekly basis. So be sure to follow us there! Congratulations to everyone who was promoted this month!

Kids getting promotions

I first met Vanessa when she was a blue belt and was training full time at Gracie Barra Nottingham with my Professor, Victor Estima. She has always been a technical wizard, and was one of the first UK females to break onto the world Jiu Jitsu stage, winning the most prestigious Jiu Jitsu tournament, the IBJJF world championships as a brown belt and meddling as a black belt!

The reason I admire Vanessa so much is because she excelled in our sport, at a time when not many women were doing BJJ competitively in the UK. She is a great example of what can be achieved with the right mindset and commitment despite the odds!

I really hope that our junior members take advantage of this class as I know all that attended our last kids seminar with Professor Victor Estima loved every minute of it and their training was inspired for weeks after!

The seminar will be held at 9am on 14th August, and admission is £12, our regular classes will be cancelled on this day, however we will contact all of our Saturday students to offer them a space in a mid week class to make up for the missed session!

For those who joined prior to Christmas then please speak to us in regards redeeming your covid support voucher for free admission.

Kids getting promotions


Prior to the Covid lockdowns, we had began to develop a core group of our junior students interested in competing in Jiu Jitsu and we’d like to pick that up again!
As many of you will now know, Jiu Jitsu is not just an effective form of self defence but is an incredibly fun and rewarding sport. Competing certainly is not for everyone, but for some it can and does provide an avenue to challenge themselves and push to new levels of competence in all areas of their life.

There are many lessons that can be taken away from the process of competing such as; learning to fail and correct mistakes before trying again! The development of bonds and respect between students and competitors who are committed to the same journey, not to mention enjoying success following lots of hard work when it goes your way!

If you are unsure whether you think competition is for your child, then please speak to myself or Jack. I’d also recommend reading this really good article by Project BJJ as it has some great insights on the pros and cons of competing for children.

In order to bring our competition class back to life, we will need at least 8 committed individuals who can attend sessions held from 1pm – 2pm on a Saturday.

Competition Team Requirements:
Minimum Age: 10yrs old
Minimum training duration: 6 months
Must attend a minimum of 3 sessions per week (including comp class)
Positive attitude, committed, a good team member and ambassador for the club

Kids getting promotions


Many of our newer members and parents have been asking about this recently so we filmed a short video on our YouTube channel, follow the link below to check this out!

Remember, you cant get your first stripe until you know how to tie your belt properly! 😂

Kids getting promotions


We now have a range of GB Wear in stock for our Little Champions and Juniors including rash guards, back packs, and the new 2021 Adidas competition t-shirts! Speak to Jack on reception if youd like to purchase any new kit!

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